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We are leading anti-corrosion industry for more than 30 years

ZERUST® Flange savers

Effective corrosion protection solution for pipeline joints.

ZERUST® Vapor capsules

Corrosion protection of electrical equipment.


Spare parts, tools, corrosion sensitive parts stored onboard.

Zerion®  FVS

Aboveground Storage Tanks, Voids enclosure Casing protection.

ZERUST® Greases, liquids

Rig Stacking, Mothballing, Long Term Preservation.

Protect your Oil and Gas business from corrosion

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Who is Morgreen Nigeria
Zerust® approved distributor and installer

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Morgreen is an Engineering Consultancy, Corrosion, and Inspection company established since 1993.

LP Compressor Rotor restoration and preservation for Total E&P Nigeria.

The material was received rusted as shown in the picture. It was thoroughly cleaned, restored, and preserved for storage and future use with corrosion free. We use a custom Zerust® VCI packaging to protect compressors. VCI packaging protects the metal parts from rust. It allows the integrity of the parts for several years.

Compressor restored befor packing
Compressor restored befor packing with Zerust VCI film
Before After Before After
Spring part Corroded before and after anti corrosion treatment

Morgreen objective

Ensure the integrity of all materials in the warehouse is maintained. Ensure all materials are free from:
- Damage
- Corrosion
- Deterioration

Preservation Method & Strategy

- Preservation method strategy document was developed to address the various class of materials in stock.
- The Methodology is in compliant with OEM Recommendations, Industrial best practice, SME advice, HSE rules on Materials handling.

Key considerations include:
- Material group (such as rubber, carbon steel, copper, cast iron, graphite, stainless steel, plastics, etc.)
Class of Material (Electrical, Mechanical, Civil, Instrumentation, etc) Category of Material (corrodible, non-corrodible)
State of material (New, Corroding, Corroded)
Size, weight, and configuration.
Type of storage (Sheltered, Semi-sheltered, Temperature controlled, etc)

Spring part restored in VCI  plastic bag

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Who is Zerust® Excor®

liquefied natural gas storage tank
Zerust Oil and Gas VCI technology

Founded in 1996 ACOBAL is a joint venture with Northern Technologies International Corporation (NTIC).

Acobal is a joint venture of NTIC. In coordination with Zerust Oil&Gas, ACOBAL is providing corrosion protection solutions for pipeline protection, preservation, platform stacking and preservation, and aboveground storage tanks (ASTs).

ACOBAL provides comprehensive corrosion protection solutions for the industry. For example in the automotive, aeronautic, equipment, and industries for more than 20 years.

Based on this experience, ACOBAL and NTIC have developed several solutions for the Oil & Gas industry.

Worldwide technical service

Our field scientists and engineers work closely with customers to design and implement comprehensive corrosion management systems. Then, Zerust/Excor representatives worldwide provide on-site technical support to ensure the effectiveness of these solutions.

For any cases of corrosion, we provide our support through our Research and Application laboratories. Our technical team provide multiple training and on-site installation for our customers.

Zerust ® VCI Anti-corrosion solutions

Anti-corrosion Products and Services

Worldwide anti-corrosion solutions

Our local partners in Africa are empowered to distribute our brands and our VCI products, provide local support, organize customer training and participate in field testing of solutions with the same rigor and procedures worldwide - tailored to your environment.

How Zerust® VCI Technology Works

Acobal is a member of Zerust® Excor® federation

INTERNATIONAL SUPPORT: For more than 35 years, ZERUST® EXCOR® has been offering efficient anti-corrosion solutions worldwide. The company is represented in more than 60 countries, runs several laboratories, and has a network of close to 400 technical experts.

Chose the right  VCI technology

Anticorrosion Product range presentation

Protecting metals with VCI

Moisture and contaminants in the atmosphere react with the metal surfaces and cause corrosion.

VCIs can be used to protect these metal parts from corrosion without the need for greases or painting. Zerust VCIs have been effectively and safely used to protect valuable parts and equipment for more than 35 years.

Chose VCI protection Technology
How ZERION FVS Technology Works


Corrosion of aboveground storage tanks, equipment while out of use during long periods of time, exposed steel surfaces, voids, enclosures and more.

Zerust Zerion® FVS is a versatile new corrosion inhibitor specifically designed to protect ferrous metals in aggressive corrosion environments where there is the possibility of the accumulation of water, moisture and/or water ingress. Zerion FVS provides unique dual action corrosion protection. This new dimension of effectiveness makes Zerion FVS the best in class in the market today.

Majors Oil and Gas Clients and Partners

Total E & P, Zerust® Excor® Acobal, Nigeria LNG Limited
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The largest automotive suppliers (Ford, Volkswagen Group, GM, FCA, Daimler, PSA, Toyota, BMW…).
Aeronautic (Safran group)
Big Vehicles (CAT, John Deere …)
Steel manufacturers: Arcelor Mittal, Tata Steel
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