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ZERUST® Flange savers

Effective corrosion protection solution for pipeline joints.

ZERUST® Vapor capsules

Corrosion protection of electrical equipment.


Spare parts, tools, corrosion sensitive parts stored onboard.

Zerion®  FVS

Aboveground Storage Tanks, Voids enclosure Casing protection.

ZERUST® Greases, liquids

Rig Stacking, Mothballing, Long Term Preservation.

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What is Zerust® VCI technology

ZERUST® EXCOR® technologies are a set of non-toxic and recyclable volatile corrosion inhibitor (VCI) protection solutions.

Principle of operation

Through sublimation, the VCI (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors) vapors saturate the atmosphere inside the packaging and condense on all accessible surfaces of the metal part, forming a protective ionic film.

How Zerust® Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor Technology Works

What is VCI?

VCI is an abbreviation for Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor or Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor. VCIs are molecules that inhibit corrosion by forming a thin protective layer on a metal surface within an enclosed space. This invisible layer prevents moisture and environmental elements from reacting with the metal surface and causing corrosion. The molecules dissipate when the enclosure is open and should not be removed.

Corrosion definition

Atmospheric corrosion is a natural process of weathering a metal. Corrosion of metal generally starts when moisture condenses on its surface. The moisture, present on the surface of the metal, forms an electrolyte that allows electrons to circulate. This process results in visible oxidation (rusting or tarnishing).

Zerust ® VCI Anti-corrosion solutions

Anti-corrosion Products and Services

Worldwide anti-corrosion solutions

Our local partners in Africa are empowered to distribute our brands and our VCI products, provide local support, organize customer training and participate in field testing of solutions with the same rigor and procedures worldwide - tailored to your environment.

How Zerust® VCI Technology Works

Acobal is a member of Zerust® Excor® federation

INTERNATIONAL SUPPORT: For more than 35 years, ZERUST® EXCOR® has been offering efficient anti-corrosion solutions worldwide. The company is represented in more than 60 countries, runs several laboratories, and has a network of close to 400 technical experts.

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Protecting metals with VCI

Moisture and contaminants in the atmosphere react with the metal surfaces and cause corrosion.

VCIs can be used to protect these metal parts from corrosion without the need for greases or painting. Zerust VCIs have been effectively and safely used to protect valuable parts and equipment for more than 35 years.

Chose VCI protection Technology
How ZERION FVS Technology Works


Corrosion of aboveground storage tanks, equipment while out of use during long periods of time, exposed steel surfaces, voids, enclosures and more.

Zerust Zerion® FVS is a versatile new corrosion inhibitor specifically designed to protect ferrous metals in aggressive corrosion environments where there is the possibility of the accumulation of water, moisture and/or water ingress. Zerion FVS provides unique dual action corrosion protection. This new dimension of effectiveness makes Zerion FVS the best in class in the market today.

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Our major oil and gas customers and clients: Conoco-Philips (USA), BP (USA), Exxon, EPPCO (UAE), Petrobras (Brazil), Schlumberger (Malaysia), EMS Pipeline (USA), PEMEX (Mexico), Shell (Malaysia), and FMC Technologies (USA)
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Zerust® General industry key successes

The largest automotive suppliers (Ford, Volkswagen Group, GM, FCA, Daimler, PSA, Toyota, BMW…).
Aeronautic (Safran group)
Big Vehicles (CAT, John Deere …)
Steel manufacturers: Arcelor Mittal, Tata Steel
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Corrosion solutions FAQ

Do you have questions about VCI corrosion solution?

How do VCI materials prevent materials from corroding ?

Sublimation (evaporation) of the VCI molecules from the carrier material Diffusion (distribution) of VCI molecules in the packaging space Adsorption of a closed VCI film at the metal’s surface

Does VCI materials protection expire? If yes, how is it monitored?

The VCI materials have different protection timeline and it been monitored by the preservation application.

Is the product toxic / poisonous.

Our VCI anti-corrosion products are Non-toxic, non-abrasive, non-allergenic, and biodegradable.

What is the benefit of inventory preservation in an organization.

Presently the rate of materials write-off as a result of corrosion, damage, or deterioration has reduced by more than 60% in NLNG warehouse.

Does VCI materials leaves residual on the material surface?

VCI technology does not leave residue on contact surfaces.

How do you preserve non-metallic materials.

In preservation methodology, we cover safe materials handling, best storage conditions, and shelf life monitoring and manufacturer's advice.