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Zerust® Tank SSB IDS Solutions

We provide soil side bottom corrosion management for aboveground storage tanks

The Problem

Soil Side Bottom (SSB) corrosion of Aboveground Storage Tanks (ASTs) is a major cause of tank bottom failures. Such failures are often time consuming and expensive to repair and may pose a potential hazard to the surrounding environment. The corrosion of tank bottom plates is often propagated by the ingress of external contaminants and moisture through gaps exist- ing between the metallic plates and the underlying tank foundation.

Other factors influencing the propagation of corrosion to tank bottom plates include: destruction of coating on the plates from welding or repairs, degradation of the underlying foundation over time, and porous foundation types which, in nature, contain pre-existing gaps or void spaces, such as concrete or double-bottom designs.

The Solution

Zerust Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors (VCIs) Are A Cost-Effective Way to Control Corrosion

Our Zerust Oil & Gas Tank SSB Inhibitor Delivery System (IDS) solutions provide a cost-effective means to mitigate underside corrosion of aboveground storage tanks while the tanks are in or out of service. Whether tank bottoms, single or double, rest on compacted sand, concrete, soil or bitumen, Zerust Oil & Gas has a solution to extend the serviceable life of these assets. Listed on the following page are Zerust’s methods of introducing a VCI to the tank bottom environment, based on the design of the foundation and whether the tank is in service or out of service.

Out of Service Tank Solutions

  • Chime Ring Dry
  • Chime Ring Flood
  • Underside Injection
  • Internal Flood
  • Dry Tube
  • Underside Drip Tube

In or Out of Service Tank Solutions

  • Chime Ring Dry
  • Chime Ring Flood
  • Underside Injection

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